Baby Mod - English village.

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    The English village.

    To create such a settlement, you need to print a template houses, chapels and ruins of the old abbey, cut out and glue them in accordance with the instructions given in the diagrams. As the base, better to take a thick cardboard.

    To base look as realistic as possible, the tracks can be made out of sand or small chips, glued to the base using wallpaper paste, and cut the lawns of green velvet paper and glue, too. To increase the scheme click on the image and print the enlarged image on a color printer.

    If you do not have a color printer, print in black and white paint scheme and, focusing on the illustrations. Cut and bond the structure at a time, before you start carefully read the notes on the schemes in order to avoid errors.

    When all the buildings are ready, put them on in the order shown in the illustration or any way you like best. We wish you a lot of pleasure from the process and results of your work!

    The English village
    The English village
    The English village
    The English village
    The English village
    The English village
    The English village


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