Experiments for kids - Optical effects.

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    Optical effects.

    We catch a rainbow.

    On a sunny day, grab a bowl, filled to the brim with water, place it near a window and drop it into a small mirror. The angle between it and the water should be 25 °. Try to catch in the mirror light beam. As a result of refraction in water and the reflection otzerkala on wall or ceiling, there will a rainbow.

    This experiment can be carried out in the evening, then as the light source, use a desk lamp. Rainbow spectrum obtained in a darkened room. Another way to create a rainbow itself - crystal glass set on a white sheet of paper. If the glass falls a ray of light on a sheet of paper will streak of the rainbow.

    Spinning top.

    Of white cardboard cut out a circle of radius of about 5 cm Cardboard circle divided into several sectors. Their number may be different. Suppose we divide the circle into an even number of sectors and paint them, alternating in yellow and blue. In the center of the circle, do a small hole and insert a toothpick. The result was a top.

    Run it and you'll see that the rotation of the yellow and blue colors are mixed and the surface turns green. If you paint in one sector in red and yellow, the rotation you will see an orange and a mixture of yellow and green - blue.

    Try different options for color matching and sectors, and you will see that every time you get the picture, far from the one that is top in the rest position. If you divide the top into seven pieces and paint them in accordance with the arrangement of colors in the spectrum (the rainbow), the rotation should be the top white.

    This is a very important observation. Typically, we observe the splitting of light. And here is the process of "picking up" colors. White is the keeper of all the available colors on the ground. But to achieve this effect is not so simple - the selection of colors to be very accurate and consistent range.

    Magic Pictures.

    Magic Pictures

    Cut out the picture, fold them in half, midway between them lay the thick thread or glue pictures rezinochki and so turned the squares on each side that have a picture. Take the ends of the threads in his hands and twist the image in one direction until failure, then start rhythmically pull and release the thread.

    If it works, the picture will twist and untwist at a rapid pace, pictures will merge and you have a fused image (an angel gets its wings, the sun will face, the ship sails acquire, etc.

    This toy can also be done by: Cut out cardboard circle, circling glass or cup, one side left in the half circle to draw a figure, on the other side of the right half - the other, and it should be placed upside down in relation to the first. Left and right of cardboard make a small hole and insert the thread length of about 50 cm

    Tighten the circle in one direction and pull the strings they will unfold and rotate the circle to another. Image is compatible, and action figures will be standing together. The most popular pattern for a circle - a bird in a cage. On one side of the circle, draw a bird, on the other cage upside down. During the rotation, you will see that the bird will be in the cage!


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