Experiments for children - experience with the eggs.

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    Experience with the eggs.

    Kitchen a great place for a wide variety of experiments that can be done right during cooking. One of the first experiments, which every mother spends with her child is the definition of the state of the egg. Here before us lies the egg as a guess, it boiled or raw?

    You probably know this. And does your child? When he sees that a boiled egg spins, and raw - no, he wants to know why this happens. Tell him that the cooked egg center of gravity is constant, so that it rotates around itself.

    A raw egg will not force to rotate because the rotational energy, we want to give him, mostly soluble in liquid egg inside. In fact, we try to rotate the shell, but the content will remain in place.

    Conducted experiments with the rotation? Do not rush to eat eggs, they are still useful. The next experiment with water. Place the raw and boiled eggs in two different vessels. Boiled egg, as opposed to raw floats, and floats on water. Do you know why?

    Egg during cooking loses fluid and becomes lighter, and therefore retained on the surface. And now, a raw egg will turn into a submarine.

    Submarine of the egg.

    Experience with eggs

    As we learned, boiled egg sinks in water. However, if in water, add salt (about 2 tablespoons to 0.5 liters), it will float. Salt water has a higher density, so it pushes the egg surface. Knowing this secret, we can show focus.

    By mixing fresh and salt water, make sure that dangled in the middle of the egg container. Alternately pouring salt and fresh water, you can get the "submarine" float and sink according to your wishes. Since the external salt and fresh water do not differ from each other, it will look like a miracle.

    Experience with eggs

    "Obedient" egg "Vanka-vstanka."

    Before the beginning of the experiment have your child put the egg on top or on the butt. Once he is satisfied this is not possible, you are ready for action. Pierce the egg with two sides and blow the contents of the plate. Rinse empty shell, and put to dry for a day or two. The dry shells close up on one side with plaster so that it is imperceptible.

    On the other hand a little sprinkle of dry sand and close up the second hole. When it dries, obedient to the egg will be to demonstrate to everyone - the sand securely hold it in any position that you want to give him.

    If instead of sand in an egg outline of small pellets or studs, and then a few pieces of stearine candles, you can get, "Vanka vstanka." To do this, heat the bottom of the egg to melted tallow, pellet sealed to each other and stuck to their shells. Camouflaged the remaining hole, you get an egg-tumbler. To emphasize the difference between the characters, the eggs can draw funny faces.


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