Activities for children - juggling figures (cascade).

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    Juggling figures (cascade).

    Cascade first figure from which to start learning juggling. It is quite simple and at the same time looks pretty impressive man who knows how to do stage, can rightly say that he is a novice juggler.

    Juggling figures (cascade)

    1. The basic position while juggling while standing, arms along the body. Upper arms while juggling should move little as possible. Forearm and hand are deployed forward, are at the hips.

    2. Getting Started with one ball. Toss it up so that he described an arc whose apex is slightly above your head, and sat down in his other hand. Now along the same trajectory perekin'te it back. You do not see any on the hands or the ball, your eyes should be focused on the top of the arc, which he describes.

    3. When you master this movement so that the ball did not fall and all the while moving one arc, we can proceed to the next step. Take in each hand firmly on the ball and hold them with the ring finger and little finger. The third throw the ball as described in the second paragraph.

    4. Once you are confident to perform third paragraph, proceed to the next step: you throw the ball, say, the right hand to his left. As soon as he reaches the top point pobrasyvayte ball from the left hand to his right so that it passed under the first (Fig. 3, 4). Repeat this exercise as long as it would not be prepared perfectly.

    5. Finally, the final step. Start the exercise of step 4. Now, when the second ball reaches the top of his flight, left, tosses the ball from the right hand. As soon as he reaches the top, again throw up a ball from the left and so on.

    Experienced jugglers can do it for hours. You figure this should get at least 20 times before you go to the next level.


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