Activities for children - juggling figures (the flow).

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    Juggling the figures (the flow).

    Streaming motion of balls looks easy, but professionals know there are some nuances. It becomes important rate, and every shot and capture should be clearly worked out.

    Juggling figures (stream)

    1. Stand in the basic position and take two balls in a leading hand. Then throw the first ball in his other hand on the same arc, on which you worked through a cascade of motion (or slightly higher). As soon as the ball reaches its highest point, throw up second ball on the same trajectory.

    2. Meanwhile, pass the first ball of the supporting arm to lead. This must be done so quickly that you were ready to throw it back at a time when another ball reaches the highest point of its flight. Carefully work out the movement, before moving on to the next step.

    3. If you confidently throws two balls in a circle, then you can enter the third. In the process of juggling will not change anything, just the action will happen much faster, now in the air will always be two goals.

    Each time the auxiliary arm will drop the ball, you will immediately pass it on to the lead. If you eventually get tired of the continuous movement of a single strontium, be trained in counter-movement, using an auxiliary hand as a presenter.


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