Activities for children - juggling figures (bars).

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    Juggling figures (bars).

    This figure gives the impression on the audience, plus it is not so difficult. True to its implementation you will need to use your lead hand - she will have to juggle a two balls simultaneously.

    Juggling figures (columns)

    1. Stand in the basic position and take two-goal lead in the (stronger) hand. As a rule, right-handers is the right, left-handed left-handed.

    2. Throw a ball straight up, so that the upper point is still located just above your head. As soon as he reaches her, throws the ball second. Catch both balls.

    3. As soon as you will be prepared to throw two balls, the next step: do not stop the moment the ball catch up. Once the first ball reaches his hand, immediately toss it up. Cycle is supposed to be balls in your hand. If your myachkik fly forward rather than up, train near the wall.

    4. In the other hand comes into play the third ball. Throws it up along with the first ball of the dominant hand. Leading arm you make the same movement, as in § 3, but with a pop every second ball arm extends to the middle of the body so that when popping the ball flew just in front of your face.

    If everything works correctly, the ball flies into the air alternately left and right in the air or in the middle.


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