Activities for Children - Tricks with soap bubbles.

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    Tricks with soap bubbles.

    Hardy bubble.

    Prepare a soap solution. Near the solution, put a glass of water. Vyduyte through a straw for cocktails big bubble, and declare all that you will be able to pierce the bubble so that it will not burst. At the same time quietly lower a straw in a glass of water.

    Tricks with soap bubbles

    Wet straw gently pierce the bubble you will see that it does not burst. Now ask your friends to do the same inflate a new bubble and feed them dry straw. At the touch of dry straw bubble burst immediately.

    As you may have guessed, the point is that the object that you touch a soap bubble, should be moist. If you wet your fingers, you can move them svodobno inside their bubble, while your friends will devour bubbles, barely touching him.

    Square bubbles.

    Take an empty package of the milk and cut his upper and lower parts. This will be a device for blowing square bubbles. Ask your friends what bubbles are obtained, if to blow them out of the square hole? Surely one of them will assume that the bubbles are obtained square.

    Dip one end of cardboard tube into the solution and slowly vyduyte bubble. Look at what happened a round bubble, like all the rest! The secret is that all bubbles are round, no matter what they are blown. This is because they tend to occupy minimum space. Spherical (round) shape, and just this is the bare minimum.

    Soap sculpture.

    Take a tray and pour a little soap and water, so that it covers the entire surface of the tray. Now, take a straw and try to blow a few bubbles on a tray in different sizes. Now you can try to blow a few bubbles at each other.

    To do this, inflate a large bubble, dip a straw into the soap solution so that only the tip of it, which will take in his mouth was dry, and prosunte it carefully over the wall first bubble to the center.

    Slowly pulling the straw back then, but not bringing it to the edge, vyduyte second bubble, the first prisoner in it third, fourth, etc. In addition the figures "one another" you can make a variety of songs from the blistering track, a flower, pupyrchatuyu berry field for experimenting a lot.

    A cylinder of soap film is obtained between two wire rings. For this purpose, the lower ring despise ordinary spherical bubble, then top to the bladder is applied wet with a second ring, and, lifting him up, stretch the bladder until it becomes a cylinder.

    Interestingly, if you lift the top ring to a height greater than the circumference of the ring, the cylinder on one side will narrow, expand to another and then splits into two bubbles. In a bowl or tray to pour soapy water so that the bottom of the dish was covered with a layer of 2-3 mm high; placed in the middle of a flower or a bowl and cover with a glass funnel.

    Then, slowly raising the funnel, blowing in her narrow pipe forms a bubble, and when the bubble reaches a sufficient size, tilt the funnel, freeing it from the bladder. Then the flower will be lying under the hood of a semi transparent soap films, shimmering like a rainbow.

    Instead of a flower can take the statue, crowning her head with a soap bubble. To do this, you must first drop on his head a little figurine of the solution, and then when the big bubble is blowing, and pierce it inside his little blow.

    If you have already tried all possible means and do not know from what would have povyduvat bubbles, try doing it with his hands. Dip hands in soapy water, fold their boat so as to leave a small gap and try to blow a bubble. Maybe you'll get not just a bubble, but something like a soap sausage important to stock up breathing.

    And finally, just fairy bubbles can be obtained if you have so much soap and water to dip your tennis racket back (or something like it). If such a racket with the power to swing in different directions, it will roll out dozens of soap bubbles, and it does not have to expend effort to blow them.


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