Activities for Children - Bubbles.

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    Soap bubbles.

    In order to please the children, not necessarily buy them something expensive or arrange a large (but very tiring for the parents) holiday. There are things that they enjoy for a long time and will work themselves, and these things are no doubt bubbles.


    Forget the store bought butylki, and ask the children to create their own. Already one of the alchemical process, they will be great fun, but if you pick up more all kinds of forms, from which the flight of homemade bubbles, then the game can turn the children for a long time.

    For these purposes, you can use a straw for cocktails, plastic tubes of different diameters (broken pen, markers, pipe out of the kaleidoscope), funnels, plastic pylevybivalki, tennis rackets, and even their own hands.

    If you are a parent, for whom the first place is the benefit of a class, then you should know: when a child plays with bubbles, it is a lot of blows, puffs and blows. And this is a very beneficial effect on the development of the chest and increases lung capacity.

    Recipe of soap bubbles.

    Bubble recipe is very simple: the solution should consist of half water and half of the detergent (dish soap, bubble bath, shampoo). Mix the liquid, but do not shake, or you will be a solution instead of foam. In order for the bubbles were more durable and colorful, you can add the glycerin.

    If you take more detergent (2.5 to 3 parts in relation to one part water), your bubbles will be more durable. You can even blow a bubble in a bubble, if you wish. Blow bubbles to slowly, carefully, quietly. Lighting should be possible, bright - then the bubbles will surprise you with its bright colors and glitter.

    Blown bubble as follows: a tube dipping into the solution and, holding it vertically, so that at the end of the formed film of liquid, gently blow into it. Since the bladder is filled with warm air our lungs, which is lighter than the surrounding room air, then immediately Blown bubble rises.

    To blow bubbles, or large diameter is better to split at the end of the tube (straw), or put a ring on the end (you can make out the eraser). The largest bubbles can blow through the tube funnel-shaped.

    The elastic bubbles.

    To ensure that your bubbles turned out very resilient and bounced off the clothes, use the following recipe:

    - A package of gelatin
    - 250 ml (cup) boiling water
    - 50-70 ml of glycerol
    - 250 ml shampoo "Johnsons Baby"

    Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Add the shampoo and glycerin. When the mixture cools, it becomes a jelly. Warm it in the microwave to melt the jelly, and try to blow bubbles - they will bounce off your clothes and roll on the upholstery.

    On glycerol:

    Why do we need glycerol?
    Glycerine helps soap bubbles hold water, so they do not burst longer. This is very handy if you want hocus-pocus with soap bubbles.

    Where can I find glycerin?
    Glycerin is available in pharmacies.

    How much glycerin to the mixture?
    In order to prepare 0.5 liters of solution, 50 ml is sufficient.


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