Activities for Children - Juggling (mystery flying balls).

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    Juggling (mystery flying balls).

    Juggling a great entertainment: Impress your friends that you know how to juggle. We will tell you how to make yourself and learn to juggle balls with them. Most of the tricks of ancient origin, but nevertheless, they surprise us yet.

    On the Egyptian frescoes, which more than 6000 years, showing people, juggles various objects. Even then, it made an impression on the audience and gave them pleasure. Artists sought to ensure that as much as possible to juggle a large number of items, preventing them from falling to the ground.

    World record in this art prinadelzhit american juggler Bruce Sarafyanu he kept in the air twelve balls simultaneously. We begin with a smaller amount. Already with three balls can give this presentation. But in order to master this skill, take some time.

    Skilled juggler can work with any appropriate items, such as raw eggs and lighted clubs. But first, we recommend that you get a special juggling balls. They can be bought in specialty stores or make yourself.

    For the three balls you will need: 6 balloons, 300 grams of rice, spring balance (small scale), the crater and possibly talc or baby powder.

    Juggling (mystery flying balls)

    Getting to the manufacture of:

    1. Take the ball and cut it in the tip, through which it is inflated. Insert your funnel into the hole and fill with rice ball. All balls must be of equal weight, so the ball of rice will need to be weighed by spring balance. The optimum weight ball - 100 gram. If the ball ends in place before the rice, inflate some air into the ball, and places will increase.

    2. Take the second ball and he also cut the tip. Put it on the rice ball filled so that their openings were facing each other, and rice could not sleep. Ball for juggling ready. In the same way the other two balls are made. If the resulting balls stick to the hands, sprinkle them from time to time with talc or flour.


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