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Children's creativity.

Children's creativity

On our website is a collection of materials to help parents help their children develop their mental skills in an entertaining and playful way. The development of the brain depends on how well the child has with his own hands draws, sculpts, paints, carves, glues, etc.

In the preschool period and ranneshkolny drawing and manual work in kindergartens and schools on time. Attentive parents care for that child home and not spend all their time watching television or playing with cars they can always find an hour or two to polepit with him, teach him how to add ships to draw a card to my father or grandmother.

Remarkably, if the parents except for the time and desire to have a fountain of ideas, and they do not have to invent painfully what it is that they will draw and how to actually add up the boat. If you are not always easy to figure out what to do with the child, the aid will come our website.

Coloring pages for kids.

It is the largest section, which contains patterns of colorings of various subjects of the letters and numbers to favorite cartoon characters. It is designed for child care from 2 to 10 years. Walk to all sub-sections, and you'll find it for the kids paint with large loops and simple forms for pre-schoolers with their favorite toys, letters and numbers, and for older children, with the heroes of today's cartoons.

These templates can be used not only as a simple coloring with them you can try a variety of techniques: painting paints, pencils, crayons, application simple, with a velvety paper, torn paper, cotton balls, various cereals, sand applique. With the stained glass colors you can make great reusable stickers with cartoon characters and cheerful multi-colored letters and numbers.

Entertaining draw.

In this section you can find your favorite entertainment guys picture coloring and drawing on the numbers of points. There is also a collection of unusual stationery, with one glance that your child will want to immediately send someone to this letter.

Children's creativity

Children's masks.

Your child likes to imagine himself a lion, tiger, or maybe a rabbit or a kitten then he will like the masks that can be cut and paint and make a very fun game. In addition to masks of animals in this section you will find many wonderful and mysterious African carnival masks.

Toys made of paper.

Paper is a wonderful world. Her transformation with glue and scissors make a child feel a creator, that of a flat sheet of paper can make animals, jewelry, gifts and play with them yourself and give to your friends. And best of all tinkering with your friends together! The section contains a very simple model which does not require bonding, and complex three-dimensional toys with detailed plans to build.

Baby modeling.

This section is intended for older children, it contains a collection of paper models of cars, buses, planes and a variety of structures. While working with the models do not miss the opportunity to vary the size and appearance models in graphics programs, are familiar with your son or daughter.

And maybe it will be an occasion to meet them After resizing, you can do as a game model and miniature, designed to be desktop ornament holder and a demonstration of his abilities miniaturist.

The experiments.

Why boiled egg spins, but not raw? How to turn yellow dandelion in blue? How to make this cloud? These and other questions will get answered in this section and not as a finished information, and through this research and experimentation. All experiments were designed that they will be conducted under the guidance of their parents.



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